"Loin de la Maison"

Dominican photographer Christian Duval is one emerging talent. With published works in local magazines such as PANDORA, FLOW MAGAZINE and PINK MAGAZINE. He have been working with the hottest dominican top models of the moment.

Duval have a degree in advertising, and took courses of multimedia and post-production. He specialized in photography in the city of Torino, Italy, where he worked as a fashion photographer too.

Here in TUMOCH we will be watching the exquisite work of this photographer, that captivates our attention more each day... as well as the attention of the fashionistas 'round here.۞۞

TUMOCH: When did you started to get involved in fashion photography?


TUMOCH: What or who inspired you at that time to work in fashion photography?

CHRISTIAN DUVAL: Photographying people was my inspiration, which I did for years, I enjoyed a lot to make portraits of people, in studio and outside, which was getting more serious and produced, then I got into fashion photography. It happened very spontaneous.

TUMOCH: for which magazine you did yout first fashion editorial? Can you describe the experience?

CHRISTIAN DUVAL: My first editorial was "Urban Girls" for Flow MAgazine, I'd describe it with a lot of laughter and adventure, because there were this two beautiful models with style crossing the street, while I was taking pictures, the tranffitc stopped to look at them. It caught the attention.

TUMOCH: Three basic features you think every fashion photographer must have

CHRISTIAN DUVAL: Sensitive, observer and dynamic

TUMOCH: Any embarrasing or funny experience during a photoshoot?

CHRISTIAN DUVAL: Once I was taking pictures with two girl models in a park, performing some high fashion poses, and a drunk old man, he was such a character, got close to one of them and asked in her face, "are you lame, or one-legged"?

TUMOCH: Who has influenced you in your career?

CHRISTIAN DUVAL: Honestly, I got a lot of influences and don't visualize one in particular, several people have influenced me each one in its moment.

TUMOCH: You favorite photoshoot? Why?

CHRISTIAN DUVAL: I have a tie between the campaign "Elegance by Damaris Rubio" and "Loin de la Maison" the last one because it was my first photoshoot in Europe.

TUMOCH: The most important lesson you have learned so far?


TUMOCH: Your biggest goal?

CHRISTIAN DUVAL: Express myself the most, in an artistic way, and celebrate life by doing so I will find a way of how art can 
contribute to the world.


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