A particular face and great body language, is what we notice while we admire  ALINA on stage. Her beauty has been captured by the lenses of photographers like  CHRISTOPH KLUTSCH    AND     MADAME PERIPETIE  in different fashion places..

This clever and kind model from Germany, shows a different ALINA in each shot, genial movements and a face that make us recreate a whole story.

She have her feet on the ground and enjoy her career the most, evolving and growing, each day Edged turns more into a TUMOCHNESS model.

TUMOCH:How do you decide to start a career as a model?

ALINA :It began more as fun to make photoshoots with creative people and it was at the beginning
more a hobby for me... step by step I start to work in that business as a model.

TUMOCH :What has been your biggest challenge in the world of fashion?

ALINA: The whole model/fashion business is a huge challenge every day... It is pretty hard notto burn out because of the stress wich models always have.

TUMOCH: You've worked in many interesting cities. Which one is your favorite?

ALINA: Each city has its specific and interesting site.

Its always different and as a model you always need to adapt yourself to it. My favorite city is Hamburg or Berlin... it's more relaxed there.

TUMOCH: One word to describe the world of modeling. And why?

You never know if you stay IN tomorrow or you're suddenly OUT

TUMOCH: What do you do when you're not modeling?

ALINA: I would like to work in advertising in conception.

TUMOCH: Can you put down in words how you feel on the runway?

ALINA:I just concentrate on my highheels. 

TUMOCH: Which one of the campaigns you've worked on, you like the most?

ALINA: They all were great and I like all designers who I worked with.

TUMOCH: What's the funniest thing that happened to you on a runway?

ALINA: I fell out of my highheels, because they were too big for me.... So I just walked barefoot and the people liked it!

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